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It is with deep respect that Brooke acknowledges that her work and life are situated within the unceded territory of the Songhees people. Brooke has spent much of her life surrounded by the forests and waters of Vancouver Island. Gardening, cooking, reading, and diving deep into the beautiful unfolding of the human experience all keep her grounded and bring Brooke joy.

Brooke is passionate about working with others to reclaim their authenticity and to achieve a more conscious and compassionate self-understanding. She believes that all people are doing their best with the tools they have, and that those tools were developed for valid reasons at some point in time. If those tools are no longer working for you, Brooke will support you in creating the changes you seek from a position of loving kindness and appreciation for what has helped you this far.

Brooke's education includes a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University, a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Victoria, and a Diploma in Women's Studies from North Island College. She has received her training in Internal Family Systems (IFS) through the Internal Family Systems Counselling Association, and continually attends training opportunities to advance her skill set in this modality from a variety of trainers and institutions. Brooke has 9 years of experience and training as a professional helper with much of her practice and continuing education focused on supporting others at the intersection of mental health and social marginalization. She also brings her own experience of living with and healing trauma.


Walking alongside another human reclaiming their right to live in their truest form is a privilege Brooke does not take lightly. She is in awe of the healing power of a trusted relationship and is honoured each time an individual chooses to develop one with her.

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