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Welcome to Old Growth Therapy, an online psychotherapy practice supporting individuals across British Columbia.

Healthy ecosystems are diverse and resilient, relying on the whole to take care of itself together. Humans are like this too! When we learn to compassionately explore ourselves as a full and complex habitat, we unearth our inherent wisdom and naturally grow.

Wherever you are in your journey, at Old Growth Therapy, you belong.

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Brooke thoughtfully guides others in the rediscovery of their roots and the reclamation of their whole being through evidence-based therapies that honour you, as you are.

Those who work with Brooke are adults seeking a deeper self-understanding. As a registered clinical counsellor and registered social worker Brooke's approach considers the contexts of mental health within the overlapping social, familial, and internal systems we each uniquely experience.

Brooke specializes in supporting others through personal transformations which may involve working with stress, anxiety, identity reclamation, relational issues, depression, marginalized ways of coping, grief, loss, and trauma.

Everything is connected, including you!



If you are inquiring to book a session, please click the 'Book Online' button above.

Replies generally occur within 24 hours Monday to Thursday

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